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Wedding Bouquet is the most essential thing when you are planning for your wedding. Your wedding bouquet is the finishing touches to the stunning bride's gown. With this, it will enhance the bridal's gown and brings out the best features. The flowers as their wedding bouquet create a specific mood, feel, style and ambience to the whole wedding. Since is their wedding day, everything has to be perfect for them. However choosing the perfect one is a tough thing to do. Each flower has different meaning to it. In the nineteenth century, they use flowers to express their emotions out. It something like a flower code for the men to express how they feel towards the women. When you pick your wedding bouquet, the brides will pick the flowers that they like or the one that suits them the most. Here are the flowers and their meaning to it.

  • Roses -> it is the most popular choice used in wedding bouquet corsages and table centres. However there are different coloured roses with different meaning for each. White rose symbolized the innocence, ivory roses symbolizes faithfulness, dark pink roses express the couples appreciation to have met one another and lastly, the red roses which are commonly used represent passion. Overall, rose represents the love, joy and beauty.

  • Calla lilies -> it represent the amazing beauty. They add elegance and sophistication ambience to your wedding. Normally, people would use this when they want to add a simple yet outstanding bouquet. It would be a fashionable wedding bouquet.

  • Stephanotis -> it is common traditional bridal flower which has a shape of a trumpet. The reason for this popular flower in weddings is that it signifies the symbol of marital happiness which is what every couple would want.

  • Chrysanthemums -> it can easily be mix with other flowers as they have no scent. Some may say that this is a perfect flower for wedding bouquet as it represents the wealth, abundance and truth that are welcomed in any marriages. It is also known as the golden flower. However Chinese culture would not use this as they say it is a taboo to them.

  • Orchids -> it symbolized love and beauty which is a good choice for wedding. Also they have a striking appearance but they are quite expensive flowers.
  • Tulips – it represents the endless love and passion and it comes in various colours which is a perfect theme for the wedding. However these tulips are fragile so you may easily encounter a damaged wedding bouquet.

Once choosing the flowers for your wedding bouquet, you would need a reliable and experienced florist in creating one for you. Floral Train is here in providing you these services. We would ask our customers to select the designs they desire. We ensure that the customers have the highest quality, freshest flowers and foliage. We offer you an affordable price and arrange the flowers as exquisite as possible. Also, we have a dedicated team that will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best service from us. We bring our business to the world of internet so that we can reach out to more potential customers.

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