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Ralph Waldo Emerson noted that ā€œthe earth laughs in flowersā€œ. Flowers are perfection, often in vibrant and colorful forms. Thirty years ago, I started working with flowers because I was in need of a job. What I received was a blessing. I fell in love with them and soon discovered that even the many hours of preparation required to create an arrangement can be perceived as a form of meditation.

It is no wonder so many people fall in love with the joyful feeling that comes with floral arrangement. My love of flowers and my passion for sharing that joy with my clients has taken me all around the world, to places I only dreamed of going. Throughout my travels, I have often been asked to share my opinion as to what I feel separates a good florist and a great one.

I have found that all of the great Florists in Singapore I have worked with share these three traits:

1. They are not afraid to break the rules.

2. They respect the art of floral decoration. Instead of viewing it as just an arrangement, they work to create a piece of artwork that will send a message to their clients. 3. They take the time to get to know and connect with their clients and often know what the clients want better than the clients themselves. As I continue my quest in highlighting the best flower shop in Singapore, Iā€™d like to ask you to send me the name of the best florist in your area. Also, if you share these three traits, please do not be afraid to recommend yourself!

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