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Most people I know are quite practical animal. I mean, tell a guy your woes and they’ll do what they can to fix them. Whether the “fix” be knocking someone out or fixing your car, men like to solve problems. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that most men consider buying flowers a waste of money.

Think about it. You pay $50 and they slowly wither and die before your eyes. Then what do you have? An empty vase. Usually a cheap, ugly empty vase that’s not good for much of anything except hiding under the sink. Great.

So far I’m with you. Paying $50 for something that’s just going to die in a week certainly isn’t the most practical thing to buy as a gift. Why not spend your money on something she would have forever – or at least longer than a week.

I mean, for the price of roses on Valentine’s Day, you could buy her a Kindle for God’s sake! Instead (says The Man) why not buy her a DVD of the first movie you saw together? (Romantic!) A cool Mobile App for her phone? (Fantastic!) What about that book you were telling her about? (Intelligent!) Quite frankly, all of the ideas above are top notch. Heck! Most of them are cheaper than flowers.

All of them will last more than a week. On top of that, most women would love all of the above. But I’m here to tell you: Do not write off giving flowers to your woman! They really do mean more to a woman than just colorful plants waiting to die. Let me explain..

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Her Flowers

1. They are visual candy and a daily reminder of you. - I know you’re a guy, but even you have to admit that flowers are beautiful. Everyone likes to look at beautiful things. Top that with the fact that for an entire week, every time she looks at those flowers she’ll think of you.

2. They smell great! - Smell is the most powerful sense we have. Not only that, but it’s intimately connected to our memory and thereby, our emotions. She’s going to walk by those flowers and associate good feelings towards you with that scent. Double bang for your buck if you ask me.

3. They make you sexier. - Yes, you heard me right. Flowers make you sexier. In a recent study, they paired men with flowers, and that made them significantly more attractive and datable. So show up with bouquet of flowers, or even a single flower and boost your chances! So if you’re thinking about what to buy for your wife or girlfriend, why not popup at your nearest florist near your house? You can take your time to look at and choose the most beautiful flowers that you can give to your loved ones. If you do not have the time, then you can try and do a google search for ‘florist online in singapore’. That may just do the trick. Good luck!

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