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3 Tips To Find A Florist In Singapore

Looking for a Florist In Singapore? We know it is not easy to find a good, cheap and reliable florist. The reason is because there are so many flower shops in Singapore and on top of that, there are alot more online florist. With this great surge in supply, naturally, the demand side will have the luxury of choice to choose a good florist in Singapore. Over at Floral Train, we understand the frustration felt by the consumers when they are looking for a flower shop and we've compiled 3 simple tips to help you make the right choice.

Tip 1: Physical Presence Of the Florist
Does the florist own a physical shop in Singapore? Florists that have a physical shop tend to be economically stronger as they have the necessary business volume to run and operate a shop. This shop also tend to have staff to help to man the flower shop and to assist walk in customers. When you choose a florist in Singapore, it is better to choose 1 that has a physical entity as you will be more assured of your value for money and if there are any complications or difficulty in the sale, you can easily go to the shop to ask for assistance.

Tip 2: Physical Floral Outlet
The design of the online e-commerce store. How is the design (UI and UX) of the e-commerce flower shop? Is it easy to navigate around and to source for information and content? Is it easy for you to buy flowers and to make payment? Florist that are online must have a solid e-commerce website to ensure that their customers can easily buy from them. If you are choosing a florist, do not go to 1 that has a poor website. The reason is simple. If they can't be bothered to do up a nice website for their customers, what is their attitude when it comes to selling their flowers?

Tip 3: Wedding Bouquets
Besides flowers and gifts, do they also sell wedding bouquets? A florist that sells wedding bouquets has diversified their business and this diversification shows that their business is multi-dimensional. With a robust business, client can definitely feel more at ease when buying from them. If a florist in Singapore also sells wedding bouquets or caters flowers for a wedding, it also shows that they have the necessary skills and expertise to do up flowers for an event. This bodes well for the customers in terms of the confidence.

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