3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Proper Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

I know. You’re browsing and obsessively pinning pictures of rustic dahlias and sultry garden roses in a mason jar; it all looks so easy and simple. A few stems of this and a sprig of that, tie it off with a bit of ribbon and voilà, wedding bouquet done. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go as planned- even for pros.

So I’m here to burst your bubble and give you the top 3 reasons I give my brides and friends as to why they should ditch the DIY on their big day.

1. Hidden costs - It isn’t always cheaper to do your own flowers. Mail order “wholesalers” and big city floral markets have beautiful flowers year round. On the surface, they are cheaper than your local floral designer. What isn't factored in is the money you’ll spend on supplies that you’ll use once, like floral tape, wire, foam and ribbon, for example. Vases can quickly eat up a budget, especially when you’re considering specialty vessels, like ceramic, grand tall cylinders or metal.

2. Waste - This is an issue very few DIY brides think of when they’re considering doing their own flowers. Floral designers create floral “recipes” that make the most of bunches down to a single stem, leaving very little or nothing to waste. Overbuying with DIY is a common mistake, as is mishandling, which means more flowers in the compost pile and not at your Sweetheart Table.

3. Stress and Time - Leading up to your wedding day, it can seem like it isn’t a big deal to just throw some table arrangements together and bunch together a few wedding bouquets, with Pinterest and YouTube making it look so easy. Imagine it, it’s the night before your wedding and your Mom, sisters and your Maid of Honor are all with you, cutting and wrapping bouquets, wiring roses for corsages and soaking floral foam in your bathtub instead of soaking your feet. Making flowers for a dinner party and assembling 45 perfectly imperfect mason jars for your reception are not the same thing. There’s an increased pressure to get it right and the days leading up to your wedding should be relaxed and focused on the life ahead.

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